Cool Cables™ True™ Power MAIN-1406 (6ft)

Locking Waterproof Main Power + Interconnection Cables


Cool Cables™ True™ Power MAIN-1406 (6ft) Buy

IP65 Power Connectors

End #1 has a Neutrik NAC3FX-compatible power-in plug connector. End #2 has a Neutrik NAC3MX-compatible power-out socket connector. TRUE-INTER power extension cables are used for making connections between fixtures with TRUE1-compatible in/out. Our TRUE Cool Cable™ power cables use connectors compatible with Neutrik® powerCON TRUE1 locking, IP65-rated power connectors. The connectors feature a simple yet rugged locking device to guarantee safe power connections. They also have breaking capacity, so “TRUE” power connectors can safely be connected or disconnected under load.

Two Offerings

Blizzard offers TRUE-MAIN-XXXX cables and TRUE-INTER-XXXX cables. The last 4 characters denote two things: XX = Wire Gauge: “TRUE” cables are currently available in 14 gauge only. XX = Cable Length (in feet).

Main Features

* Mains connector with breaking capacity * Lockable 16 A single phase connector (USA: 20 A) * Dust and water resistant according to IP65 in mated condition * Easy and reliable twist lock system * Extremely robust and reliable * UL recognized components

Product Specifications


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